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Men and Women:
For a new Art of Living.

By philosopher Catherine Guillerme

Today's living conditions are increasingly stressful.

We spend more and more time on computers or in traffic jams; bills of all kinds pile up, with higher and higher amounts; our work environment is less and less humane; we must run all over the place, for the kids, grocery shopping, the bus…

But where is the time to breathe and admire the landscape, where is the time to read a good book and talk about what we love, rather than just about how the day went?

International Women's Day offers us an additional opportunity to reflect and revisit a certain number of values useful to all of us.

It is not a matter of protesting or begging, but rather of reclaiming our right to have time: time to be with ourselves, time to redefine ourselves, time to be ourselves.

This aptitude - to have become, once again, the master of our time - favours a better self-knowledge and a better understanding of others. Hence, it also offers the possibility to understand that life manifests itself through two polarities such as day and night, sun and moon, yang and yin, masculine and feminine.

Nature shows us that there is no opposition, nor contradiction, but a dynamic equilibrium without which life would not be bearable.

Men and women are beautiful expressions of complementary polarities that can build a pleasant and harmonious life.

The loss of feminine and masculine values puts us in a caricatured situation where we can perceive frustration and disappointment in women, while in men we observe coldness, indifference, and withdrawal.

If 2012 appears to be a year of great changes, we can then hope that it will be the beginning of a new adventure to discover ourselves again, and to better understand our own polarity.

… Because men and women do not think, feel, or act in the same manner.

Hence, it is essential to rediscover the profound identity of women and of men, to truly embrace their respective strengths, values, and aspirations, in order to build harmony.

So, let's give way to self-knowledge, inner tranquillity, intelligence, intuition, self-confidence and trust in others, as they all are ingredients to contribute to build a more pleasant, more beautiful, more peaceful world, where it feels good to live together.

Let this 2012 Women's Day be an opportunity to move closer to each other, for a new art of living made of softness, listening, and understanding!



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